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Russian Bride Guide
Unique Gift Ideas

A question, "What shall I give her as a present?" can puzzle any man once in a while. As an old English proverb says, " The one who can give a good present can live a good life." Is there a woman who would not like to get a present?

What is the best gift to make? Whether she will like it or not? When you want to get the attention of the woman you like, sometimes you just cannot ask her directly, "What present do you want?" She may think it is impolite, or that you have no imagination. And you want to please her! You want to give her something special, to make an impression on her, to show your interest in her. For some women it is not the present itself, that matters, but the attention of the man, the excitement of the expectation of the present, trying to guess what it would be. Some women like the present to be a surprise. Women like to dream, so giving her something she is dreaming about is a good idea, as well as keeping it a secret so she can dream of getting to know what it is. So the main thing to make a woman happy is to turn her dream into reality. A gift you make should let her understand you have a good taste, tell her about your tender feelings and, if possible, tell something about your personality. A present like that will always be the best.

By the way, do you know that animals give each other presents? A spider gives his female friend a fly (which also gives him a chance to stay alive after the "wedding" . A penguin brings a fish as a present; A weaverbird decorates the dating place with orchids!

So, I decided to make kind of a manual for choosing a present. It is written for men, and I hope, it will help solve the problem of giving the appropriate present.
After many centuries,men has understood that giving presents is not only a pleasure, but also it can be a complicated matter. The European etiquette has worked out a special presents code:
WHAT NOT TO GIVE, what to give, when to give, who and how, how to accept gifts, how to thank and how to refuse. Actually, it is not so complicated as it may seem, it makes our relations with people easy and agreeable. Those etiquette rules teach to respect superstitions. That is why I would like to start with superstitions and tell you


As in any other country, in Russia people have their superstitions, which you have to be aware of in order not to upset your loving one and her family or your Russian friends. There are less sensitive and more impressionable ones to whom some sort of presents would not give any pleasure at all.

Symbolizes death. Do not give even number of flowers, it would mean the wish of death. Appropriate only for funeral ceremonies.

Symbolize death. The same as above.

These flowers are considered "companions of anxiety". People say, carnations don't bring happiness in love, so they are not the best flower for dating either.

They are flowers of parting.

For a young girl, pearls mean tears and parting. This does not concern a set of pearls, such as necklace and earrings, or necklace and brooch.

This mineral is considered "a widow stone". A girl who wears alexandrite jewelry will not get married.

Mean a quarrel.

If you give them as presents, you are willing to bring trouble in the family.

If you give your fiance a handkerchief, you will soon part with him/her and not marry him/her.

Superstitions say, giving a mirror brings unhappiness.

Before the wedding, the couple should not give each other.

Lead to quarrel.

If you give A WALLET or A PURSE as a present, you should put a coin, otherwise your present promises shortage of money in the future.

Do not hand your present before you cross the threshold.

But, I want you to know that there is a little secret of how to avoid some inconveniences. For example, if you give a present of knives and forks, do not just give it but "sell" it for a little coin. The ritual of gift giving becomes "a deal", which has nothing to do with superstitions.

More about WHAT NOT TO GIVE.

A man should understand that when he gives a woman a present, it tells her about himself. A woman can tell the man's attitude by the present he gives. If the man gives the right present, the one that makes a lady happy, it means he has known the lady pretty well and understands her desires.

I would advise not to give a girl any kind of didactic present, such as a cooking book, even if it is a very nice edition, or "A Household Manual". The girl may get offended, as she may think of such present as a hint that she is a not good enough homemaker and there is a lot to learn for her.
It is also not recommended to give presents of practical value, such as an iron, an apron, a saucepan, or a table cloth/mats, etc. in the beginning of your love affair. The hint is obvious, "Darling, I will take you to the Moon! I will get a star for you!" And against a background the sound of a frying pan being cleaned is heard.

Lingerie is a very intimate gift, is only given after your relationship with a woman has reached a certain point.

Be also very careful when giving any sort of skincare products/make-ups. Present them only if you are sure your lady likes or uses them and will not be allergic to them. As to the shades of lipstick or creme powder, better consult a store beauty consultant before choosing by yourself, so that not to make a mistake.

Pets, such as a kitten, a puppy, a turtle or a hamster are only good when you have asked for the agreement to give them before. Keep in mind that a pet is not only a nice fluffy creature; it needs a lot of care and keeping it may be a problem.

Never give any kind of caricature portrait drawings, especially at the very beginning of your affair. The girl may get offended.

As I mention befor,It is very impolite to give faded flowers. It is not only the infringement of the etiquette, but also is considered an insult.

After the present is given, do not try to get a direct answer to "Dear, tell me, honestly, did you like my present?"

A very important thing is that the present you give, even a small one, is packed nicely, in a special gift box, or paper or tissue. Women like nice details and will appreciate the sign of your imagination.
With any gift, I would advise to enclose a card. Write some warm words in the card for her, not just "From John with Love." Presents must not be anonymous, except those for Saint Valentine's Day or April Fools' Day.
Make sure to remove the price tag from your gift and do not tell her where you bought it and how much or little you paid.
If you give flowers indoors, remove the plastic package, unless it is a decorative part of the bouquet.

And, obviously, the way you give the present makes its own impression. Believe me, it does not matter how luxurious the gift might be, it would not make your lady happy if you just stick it into her hands.
Dear gentlemen! If you are real gentlemen, you should agree that a woman is waiting not for just getting a nice present, but for your admiration, your words of love and compliments. Women love with their ears. Make her feel she is your princess. Avoid such phrases as, "I got so tired, looking for a present for you!", "Sorry for giving you such a trifle", "Sorry, I didn't find anything better", "I am not sure if you would like that", "I didn't know what you wanted". Self-confidence is of big importance. Make a speech for her! If you cannot find words to describe your feelings, click how to express what you feel. It will give you an example of words of love, lines of poetry and much more to help you amaze your lady and win her heart.

I feel you are ready to ask me, "WHAT DO I GIVE A WOMAN?"

Your heard befor : Most women love surprises. It is true and it is not. Any surprise should be a little predictable. A woman by her nature dislikes instability and improvidence.
If you want to choose the right present, you should listen a little more attentively to what your lady says about different things, what draws her attention and attracts her. If you are having a conversation about music, remember the names of her favorite singers/groups. The most important are her "by the way" opinions, something like "I wish I had thatů" So, wherever you go together, listen carefully to what she says; while shopping, going to movies, visiting friends, and especially when she is talking to her female friends and they are discussing something that women usually like to discuss. You will hear what she would like to get, and later you can surprise her by giving exactly the same, or even a little better. She will be very pleased if you present her with something of her favorite color, size, shape or scent. A smart woman would always mention by chance some important information, giving you a hint! You only have to listen!

To make it even easier, here is a list of some gifts that women like.

BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. They are a classical gift, and always a wonderful and appropriate one. You can give them at any time of your relationship. Are you in love with her and she does not know yet. Flowers will tell her about your feelings! Women like flowers.There are so many different flowers:

How to make a choice?
Here is some helpful information.

Before you chose a bouquet, think of your lady.
What kind of woman is she?
What is her character?
Is she very young?
Is there any reason you want to give her the bouquet?
What time of the year is it?

Sometimes a small bunch of tender snowdrops can tell her more that a big bouquet or gorgeous roses.

It is polite to give a bouquet of flower buds; it symbolizes the origin of tender feelings.
For your first date a white or light pink rose would be appropriate, then, as your feeling become stronger and deeper, you can give her the bouquet of a brighter color. You can give roses, and also any spring flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, and snowdrops. Each season has its beautiful flowers.
Flowers for Spring: A bright bouquet of fresh spring flowers in spring will give more joy that any other flowers that you can find in stores all year round.
For March 8th, Women's Day, men usually give women irises, daffodils, snowdrops, and tulips. But if you plan on telling her about your love on that day, better give her red roses.
Fall flowers are chrysanthemums, asters. The number of flowers in the bouquet is also meaningful.

One flower - a sign of attention.
Three - of respect.
Five - recognition.
Seven - love.

The number of flowers in the bouquet must be odd!

Once more- Even number is only for sad occasions, such as funeral.
If there are more than twelve flowers in the bouquet, then their number should divide into six.
For the anniversary it is a custom to give a basket with a number of flowers equal to the age of the person.

The more important the occasion, the more flowers to give!

Before the departure, you can give her a bouquet with more red flowers in it. Or an orchid it is a beautiful flower, it should be kept in special tube with nutritious solution; the flower will live much longer then.
If you are going to meet her perents ,you should have two different bouquets: one for her, the other for her mother.

Ask your lady about the flowers she likes.

When choosing flowers, it is useful to remember what they symbolize. From the earliest ages "the language of flowers" has always been one of the most meaningful and intimate. It tells about your attitudes and feelings. Sometimes flowers can say more than words. Even nowadays, in the century of high tech, people understand unconsciously the flower language. However, if you add a card with your warm words to your bouquet, it would make the flower language easier to understand.
You can more about Meaning of Flowers. nd Flowers of Valentine Day!

Here comes a question: Whether to give the flowers in the package or without it.
If the package is very nice and adds to the beauty of the bouquet, you can leave in on. It is better if everybody can see the flowers through the package.

Hand the flowers with their heads up, not upside down.

If the art of making bouquets still seems difficult to you, ask a professional florist to help you. If you describe your lady, tell about the occasion and the message your bouquet should bring, the floristwill take care of making the bouquet perfect, a "talking bouquet", very special and meaningful.

You can give not only a bouquet, but also a single flower. The most important thing is that it should be given from your heart with love. Then it won't really matter if it is a bunch of wild flowers, a basket full of adorable flowers or an exotic bouquet.
The pleasure of enjoying the flowers is temporary, unfortunately, but the impression they make and the memories about the moment when you gave them will last forever!


Perfume is another popular traditional gift. Together with flowers, perfume is one of the most desirable presents. There are so many different fragrances, which one to choose? It can be difficult, if you want it to be not just a sign of your attention, but also the scent that will be her favorite, that will associate with her personality. Of course, the best way is to ask her, what perfume she likes to wear or is dreaming about, and give her that. If not,... TO BE CONTINUED

Unique Gift Ideas
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