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First Date

Russian Bride Guide The first date is the most important because, if you don't make the necessary impression on the girl on first date it could be your last date with her.

First at all ,do not forget flowers, and don't be afraid to say or do something wrong . Be self confident ! Women like the self assured and gallant but also slightly unpredictable.
Carry yourself freely,relaxed, say wthat you want - be yourself . This will help you to feel confident and keep your independence from the situation and from the women. But its doesn't mean that cursing , acting insulting or saying something silly all the time would be acceptable . Just relax and enjoy the atmosphere, be yourself, say what you want to say ,laugh , make some jokes ,a little humor is great , but clean humor .All should be in reasonable limits . Just go with the flow...

Remember , it`s very important :
Listen when she talks . Women have an urge to talk more then men. For women, sometimes just talking about something is the solution.Don't immediately leap to tell her what she should have done or point out her tactical errors. Unless she asks you what she should do, just listen and sympathize. You May not feel as though you've done anything, but from her point of view, you'll have been wonderfully supportive. Women love to talk ,they need it and they want to be understood .

Remember what she told you about .You would need it for further dates. Trust me , girl would be more than pleased if in future dates you would remember what she told you about , some detail of her life, something she likes. She would feel you really care about her and her life.

Don't forget to tell something about yourself. Share with her something personal, at least try to show that you are open with her. Women respect frankness and confidences.

But being too good and too right can also be too mush so :
Dilute your ideal identity with a small dose of rash and unexpectedness, open mindedness , humor , some mystery and seduction. If you would be 100% perfection it can rapidly bore her or even frighten her.

It`s nothing bad if you will slightly "tease her" - but for the beginning only a little and only in good manner , with good compliment . The more you hold yourself with ease , more you feel self confident ,then the more she would begin to get interested in you .
Express compliments - women in reality looking for them and love to hear them so mention her haircut ,her outfit, her smile, her eyes... whatever you notice about her. She is waiting for that . Remember be open and flexible.

On the first date do not swear to her an eternal love. Please don't beg her to marry you or even worse- don't establish this as a fact . First of all this can frighten her. Secondly she can take this behavior as the poor attempt to drag her into your bed .And thirdly, she can look at you as a "wimp" with weak will, which simply fell at her feet.
Later if you want to , you can allow her to feel like she slightly tamed you and let her think she found the way how approach you ,let her feel that she have been the leader of the situation ,but keep your feat on the brake .

Don't be too persistent with her and don't try to accelerate the intimacy in your relations.With the first date better not to attempt the first kiss .
Certainly if you see she is waiting for it and time and situation seems right go for it .

On the first date when you have the first encounter and with the first farewell better to kiss her hand. When you do that ,do not remove your admiring gaze from her eyes and complete this with a compliment. This will slightly confuse her and inspire her with passion . She will await the second meeting with impatience.

Try to be natural and slightly unexpected.Example when she is expecting some natural action from you, like , answer in her question or she asking you to bring something, and you instead of simple answer - kiss her with passion .Or if she is engrossed in thought about something, fall into a trance , tenderly kiss her finger or ear and whisper somthing nice. That way you would be able to gradually shorten the distance between the two of you and leisurely but constantly increase a quantity and duration of your contacts by eyes, hands etc... Remember the first impression stays for life .
Try to be the gentleman offer your hand then she is coming out of the car or bus , open doors in front of her , help her with her coat , help her with the chair in the restaurant . And if you really like this women and want to make sure she sees - at the end of evening offer to accompanied her home .

And remember "A True Love gives you a feeling of being "complete!"

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